Clio & Marco – Golfo Aranci Wedding Photographer

Golfo Aranci Wedding Photographer

Italy and England, between sea and country. From Telti to Golfo degli Aranci, in the north east of Sardinia. A multicultural wedding, A endless party by the sea, in the restaurant of Fino Beach. with, on the background, a beautiful sunset of late summer. To photograph a day like this is a real relaxation.

They are young and happy, a really dynamic couple.

The wedding started in Golfo Aranci, with the dressing up of the bride. We moved to Cala Sassari by boat. The ceremony, dinner and party on the beach. The Fino beach’s staff did an amazing work, and the band Bounce made an incredible show.

To see the whole wedding Click here!


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Venue: Golfo Aranci – Cala Sassari / Restaurant, Ceremony and party: Fino Beach / Band: The bounce.