Marc & Svenja – Germany destination wedding photographer

Germany Destination Wedding Photographer

Last year we got a mail, a young couple from Hamburg saw our site and would like to know if we could reach them to their country and tell their story. A great pleasure for us.

They are totally in love. This kind of couple makes our work easier.

We took a flight from Sardinia to Hamburg, and after few of hours we were in one of the most tidy place that we have ever seen. Everything was perfect, buildings, roads, rivers. Nothing was out of place.

We met them for the first time few of days before of their wedding party, during the ceremony in front of the major of their hometown, a little village close to Hamburg.

Their love affect everyone and no one couldn’t cry during their yes.

Few of day after it we have been in the Venue of the wedding party. What to say, an amazing place surrounded by nature, an 300 years old farm, redeveloped for ceremonies.

A great party have been there, started early in the afternoon and ended really late in the night. Everyone danced till the down.

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