Sira & Christof – Porto Rotondo Destination Wedding

Sira & Christof – Porto Rotondo Destination wedding

They came straight from Berlin to Porto Rotondo to celebrate their wedding.

A Long love story between North-Italy and Germany, but with its deepest roots right here, in Sardinia.

We met for the first time at the Olbia’s Airport.  They are really dynamic People, and when they told us to the story of their wedding we were so proud, because we where sure that was going to be a great wedding day.

During the day we didn’t see the sun at all, but in the Sardinian summer is not so bad have a warmer day! by the way, the celebration and the party was great and everyone was really exited to be there and celebrate Sira and Christof getting married.

We took away the couple just 30 minutes to have some portrait close to the beach of Marinelledda, behind Punta Marana.

A great party gave the goodnight to the Bride and the Groom.

Venue: Hotel S’astore, Porto Rotondo.


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