Janet & Alberto – Turin Destination Wedding Photographer

Turin Destination Wedding Photographer.

Not only Sardinia. This year we have been in several places to shoot amazing Weddings.

This time we have been in turin. A young couple get married. A multicutural wedding. Janet from Togo. Alberto from Nichelino (TO). Too many friends and relatives from all the world. Happy people with a smile always printed on the face.

Any strass at all. Every one was just looking to enjoy the party.

After the dressing we have been in a Waldesian temple for the ceremony. We have been in Valentine’s Park before lunch to have twenty minutes of shooting session only with the couple, and after we moved all togheter with few of buses to Druento, in the restaurant La Rosa D’Oro, for lunch and party.

For them wasn’t enough, so after the party we came back all together to Turin to have some more fun.

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Turin. Restaurant: La Rosa D’oro. Church: Waldesian temple. DJ: Luciano Morciano. Shooting: Valentine’s Park